It is Evergreen Group’s policy to put product quality above all and serve customers whole-heartedly.  First-rate management brings about first-rate quality.  Starting from its reorganization, Evergreen Group has set high standard for itself.  By drawing on the advanced models of management and experience of other countries and employing well-trained managerial specialists, it created an effective and scientific system of management.  Our efforts are made in the following aspects:      

1.Employing well-trained personnel
     An enterprise hinges on the qualifications of its staff.  Evergreen Group recruited all its production-line workers from vocational or technical schools and employed experienced managers from all over China.  The quality of personnel is the primary guarantee for product quality.  
 2.Hardware facilities by high standard
    Evergreen Group had its production workshops and equipment built by the GMP Standard.  All of the production equipment is made of stainless steel and inside the workshops the air is 100,000-class pure.  These are our first-rate production environment and equipment  
 3.Scientific and reasonable processing technology
    The Company adopted the state-of-the-art technology of membrane separation for intensive aloe processing to preserve the possibly maximum active ingredients of aloe. Both the product and equipment of this technology have been certified by the IASC, making Evergreen Group the first enterprise in China with this certification. 
 4. An advanced system of management
    Evergreen Group strictly implements the ISO9000 quality control system and the HACCP system, guaranteeing the quality and safety of products by controlling the critical points of production and processing technology. The Company was certified for the HACCP system in mid-April 2003 by China Commodity Inspection General Corporation’s Quality Certification Center, obtaining a pass for its products to enter overseas markets.  
 5. Consummate management regulations
    Regulations have been laid down in Evergreen Group in regard to production, quality control and so on.  System of post duties is exercised to stipulate duties on each production post in controlling the quality of products.     
 6. Quality control based on rejection of products for any disqualification  
    Evergreen Group’s Quality Control Department, with its first-rate equipment and technology, is able to inspect the semi-products and end products during the production.  The entire production line is under the supervision of quality controllers whose duty is to reject any disqualified semi- or end products, allowing no such products to enter the next step of production procedure or leave the Company.    
 7. A sound system of employee reeducation
    Evergreen Group sets aside one day or two each month for employee’s reeducation, which is meant for them to sum up experiences for new things and lessons, improve management and upgrade their own capability. 
 8. An effective mechanism of response to customer’s needs
    Evergreen Group has set up complete procedures and flexible organizations to manufacture the best products needed by customers and respond to their suggestions in time. 
    Customer’s needs are our eternal theme.  What we want to do is “continue to improve the quality of our products and turn out first-rate products.”  We believe in “there is always something better than the best.”  We wish to develop along with our customers.