Evergreen Group’s Plantation Base


Evergreen Group has constructed in Yuanjiang an aloe plantation base several thousand mu in area where pollution-free aloe is grown. With the leading role played by Evergreen Group, aloe plantation area in Yuanjiang has expanded to 5,000 mu, accounting for one third of the total aloe- grown area in China.  Yuxi Municipality to which Yuanjiang belongs has made the aloe industry a new pillar industry only next to the tobacco industry. Evergreen Group is currently applying to the authorities concerned for the recognition of its aloe plantation base as “Organic Food Production Base.” Evergreen Group has formulated “Regulations on Organic-Food Aloe Cultivation” which stipulate that only those land sections that conform to the standard of environment for Organic food growing could be chosen for aloe farming; that deep ditches should be dug around the aloe plantation base to keep off any possible agricultural pollution from the surrounding fields.         

--Only the fields certified as organic food growing environment can be selected for aloe growing.

--There are no metallurgical, chemical or cement plants with 5 kms of the plantation base; measures are taken to prevent industrial sewage from flowing into the base.

--The plantation base is surrounded by trenches 50cm wide and 40-50cm deep for drainage on the one hand and prevention of farming water from flowing into the base lands on the other. 

--No chemical but organic fertilizers only are used.  No agricultural chemicals are used.

--At present prevention of pests and diseases is achieved by employing various farming techniques and keeping ecological balance.  

--Carefully washing transport tools to avoid pollution of aloe leaves by substances harmful to human health.