China's Home to Aloe-Yuanjing









    Aloe was introduced to China During the Sui-Tang Dynasties.  The aloe species growing in the tropical zone of China is known as"Chinese aloe" which is a variant of Aloe Vera.  Yuanjiang is the birthplace of the wild Chinese aloe. An entry in the Encyclopedic Dictionary says: Aloe originated on the sub-tropical zone of Africa, but wild aloe was found growing in Yunjiang of Yunnan, China. The annual average temperature is 23.8o C and the minimum monthly average temperature is 16.7oC in Yuanjiang.  The annual average rainfall is approximately 800 mm and annual evaporation amount over 2,000 mm with 2,261 hrs of annual sunshine.  But its dryness and moisture indexes are far below those of Cape Town in South Africa.  It is typically dry and hot valley climate with sufficient sunshine, free from frost and natural disasters.  Therefore Yuanjiang is identified by experts of China and other countries as one of the areas best for the growing of aloe in the world.    

    A rare community of wild aloe with the largest area in China was discovered in Pupiao of Yuanjiang.  Pupiao is China's only natural wild aloe reservation, where every aloe leaf is a survivor of nature.  In 1999, Evergreen Group's aloe plantation base in Yuanjiang was designated as the only outdoor aloe exhibition garden by the 1999 China Kunming International Horticultural Exposition.  Currently the Company's Yuanjiang plantation base produces 30,000 tons of fresh aloe leaves per year.  What can be expected is that from the present basis the aloe industry will be burgeoning in Yuanjiang-China's Home to Aloe-to turn aloe product into a household supply in China.