Prospect for Evergreen Group

The periods span of evergreen’s development, which is based on the strategy(2000-2005) is 6 years, starting form Janu.1st, 2006 to Dec.31st, 2011. The strategy is ranged from the near-the-future term, middle term to long term.


The aim in the near-the-future term: Janu.1st ,2006-- Dec.31st, 2007. To achieve the aim of Evergreen group “The manufacturing Center and Base of the World Senior Aloe Vera Raw Materials”.The brand EVERGREEN is well-known in the world aloe vera circles. The annual production value is more than 80 million yuan, which accounts for over 5-10% shares of aloe vera raw materials in the world.


The aim in the middle term: Janu, 1st , 2008-- Dec.31st, 2009. Evergreen’s share is successfully put on the stock market, we will possess the great financial ability , so as to have the good base and condition of further and quick development. Meanwhile, Evergreen group tries to set foot in the other biological resources of Yunnan characteristics. It will be in a stage of new situation, in which aloe development ranks the core of Evergreen, with the vigorous exploitations of the other biological resources . The annual production value will be over 200millon yuan.


The aim in the long term: Janu.1st,2010—Octc.31st,2011. The development of other other biological resources is under the mature stage on the basis of continuous development of aloe vera. Evergreen will get the annual value of over 500million yuan, We have the confidence and ability to establish the strong ability of R&D, great value of its Brand, as well as the most well-know enterprise of biological resources in China—EVERGREEN.