A Chronical Of Events


1. August 1999: Evergreen Group was set up jointly by Yuanjiang Evergreen Bio-Company, the Agricultural Production Material Company of Yuanjing Supply and Marketing Cooperative, Yuanjiang Sugar Factory and Qi Jiazhu as natural person. Qi Jiazhu assumed the chairmanship of Board of Directors.


2. March and April, 2000: The signing ceremony for the reorganization of Evergreen Group was conducted in Yuanjiang, present at the ceremony was President Li Zhimin of China Complete Equipment Import and Export (Group) General Corporation (CCEIEGGC). The reorganized Evergreen Group is a joint venture funded by CCEIEGGC, Yuanjing County Hengyu Bio-Company (formerly Yunnan Yuanjiang County Evergreen Bio-Co., Ltd., Agricultural Production Material Company of Yunnan Yuanjiang County Supply and Marketing Cooperative and Qi Jiazhu as natural person. CCEIEGGC was the holding company of Evergreen Group.


3. 2000: “The Project of Comprehensive Development of Aloe Industry in Yuanjiang” was approved by the Provincial Planning Commission of Yunnan as a key project of bio-resource exploitation and enlisted by the State Ministry of Science and Technology in its “Torch Program.” “The Project of Research Development of Membrane Separation, Purification and Concentration of the Active Ingredients of Aloe along with the Membrane Separation Equipment” was accepted as a cooperative project of Yunnan and prestigious universities.


4. 2000: the reorganized Evergreen Group signed agreements with China’s renowned research institutions and experts on the development of aloe products by common efforts. Long-term relationships were established with Xiamen University, Kunming Botanical Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing Agricultural University, China Research Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Kunming University of Science and Technology.


5. April 27, 2000: Linghu An, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of Yunnan and Yang Chongyong, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of Yuxi City, made an inspection tour of the Evergreen Group’s aloe plantation base in Yuanjiang.


6. May 27, 2000: Sun Gan, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of Yunnan, visited Evergreen Group’s production lines.



7. Vice-Governor Shao Qiwei paid an inspective visit to Evergreen Group in Yuanjiang.



8. September 13-14, 2000: Chairman Han Hong attended the 20th Annual Scientific Seminar of the IASC in the United States.


9. October 24, 2000: Mayor Li Jiang of Yuxi City paid an inspective visit to Evergreen Group in Yuanjiang.


10. October 29, 2000: The Company’s Board of Directors chose Han Hong as Chairman of Board of Directors and General Manager.


11. November 18, 2000: Evergreen Group was accepted as a 1st-class member of the IASC.



12. October 8, 2001: Construction of line for aloe vera concentrate juice and diced aloe vera gel started. It took about 3 and a half months to finish the construction of the production lines.


13. August 18, 2001: The Company’s Board of Director’s chose Huang Yunxi as Deputy Chairman and General Manager.



14. Late December, 2001: The newly-installed production line of canned diced aloe gel was shakedown-tested and went into operation immediately to supply aloe material to the KITAIRO manufacturer in Guangdong Province.


15. End of December, 2001: The newly-installed production line of aloe concentrate was shakedown-tested. Production of high-grade industrial aloe material by membrane separation began in Evergreen Group.


16. January23-24, 2002: Hosted by China Aloe Industry Association and undertaken by Evergreen Group, China’s first International Symposium on Aloe Industry was held in Yuanjiang. Several hundred people participated in the conference. They were Managing Director of the IASC and Certification Chairman of the IASC; officials from the State Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Public Health, China Aloe Industry Association, Yunnan Province, Yuxi City and Yuanjiang County; representatives from client enterprises including Guangdong KITAIRO, Hangzhou Yangshengtang, Shanghai Jiahua and United Lihua; and domestic experts in the circles of aloe research and industry. The event was widely covered by China’s Central TV, Xinhua News Agency, Yunnan Daily and other Chinese and foreign news media.


17. September 13-14, 2002: General Manager Huang Yunxi and others attended the 21st Annual Scientific Symposium of the IASC in the United States. Some 100 participants from a dozen or so countries including the US, Japan and South Korea exchanged ideas and experiences at the conference. After the close of the Symposium, General Manager Huang and others visited some of the famous aloe enterprises of the US such as the Forever Living and Carrington Laboratories.


18. September, 2002: the Company’s equipment of aloe material processing line was certified by the IASC and in November of the same year, the Company’s aloe material products were certified by the IASC too.


19. November, 2002: China Symposium on Aloe and Food Processing was held. Huang Yunxi was recommended by the conference as Deputy Director of China Aloe Industry Association. This fact indicated that Evergreen Group’s place in China’s aloe industry was accredited by fellow enterprises.


20. March, 2003: Yang Chonghui, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, paid an inspective visit to Evergreen Group.


21. May 27, 2003: Evergreen Group was certified in the HACCP system with the quality control of its products tightened, ready for competing with rivals on overseas market.


22. Aug. 8th, 2003: Kunming Branch was founded.


23.Jan. 10th, 2004: Mr Huang Yunxi was appointed as chairman of the board the general manager by the all shareholders of Evergreen.


24. Mar. 18th,2004: Mr. Bai enpei, the secretary of Yunan Pro. Came to Evergreen. “The development of aloe industry is in accord with the policy of development of unique biological resources in Yunnan which was pointed out by Yunnan governmental officials.


25.April 10th,2004:The first term of Quality-Control meeting was held in Kaidi Hotel in Yuanjiang, in which the all-round planning and strategy for the quality control was formed.


26. April 23rd,2004, 2004: In the meeting of regional economic development held by Yunanjiang government, it was first time to have listed the aloe industry as the holding industry of regional economic development throughout Yunnan province.


27. Nov. 27th,2004: Mr Liu, the official of the national reform department, came to Evergreen, he pointed that the government should support the aloe industry.


28. Dec. 8th,2004: The Yuxi environmental department came to Evergreen.


29.Dec 15,2004: Our company was appointed as the first batch of Yunnan province key agriculture industry enterprise.


30.Dec.22rd,2004: The Evergreen’s “ Processing Project for the Aloe Industry in Yuanjiang” was listed as the main task for the national debt of food further processing projects by National Reform and Development Committee.


31. Dec.30th,2004The new freeze dried and srpay dried production line began to instructed.


32.On April 7th-19th, Huang Yunxi,the general manager,together with the related staff in charge of the foreign, went to Germany to attend the In-Cosmetics 2005.


33.May 18th,2005: Vice director of Yuxi city ,Mr Chen Yuhou, vice president Mr.Li Shubin visited our company for instruction of base enlargement of export and import.