Evergreen group existing five modern processing production line (membrane separation, concentrated production line; various specifications gel canned line; the leaves butyl drying powder production line; freeze drying production line and the spray drying production line). At present, the company can provide our customers home and abroad to meet international standards of aloe vera raw materials are: (1) all sorts of enrichment of the leaf, the multiple leaves decoloring, gel concentrated juice; (2) the various specifications of the aloe gel butyl canned; (3) the leaf, the leaf decoloring, gel and spray freeze-dried powder; (4) the leaf dry powder. Can reach the following production scale: Annual output of 1:1 original 9000 tons; Annual output of 10:1 concentrated juice of 900 tons; With annual capacity of 2000 tons of butyl gel canned; With the annual production capacity of 200:1 gel freeze-dried 40 tons; With the annual production capacity of 200:1 gel spray powder 40 tons; Annual output of the leaf dry powder 60 tons. Article 5 a year and production line can be 100 million yuan RMB.