Spray drying technology






operating principle;working principle



    Blowers will through the effect by early after the air through filter in effect, via steam heaters and heating electric heater, then through high heat efficiency filter, into the device in the dry room at the top of the hot air distributor, evenly into dry indoor, and a spiral rotation, and at the same time by feeding pump for liquid materials will be sent to the device in the dry room at the top of the centrifugal atomizer. Liquid materials was atomization into a tiny mist droplet, make the material liquid and hot air contact surface area is greatly increased, water evaporated quickly, and in a very short time to dry products, powder sent to the wind in the receiving cyclone separator, through the discharging device collecting container bag, waste gas through induced draft fan into wet dust catcher back out.


The spray drying product features


 1. The drying speed very rapidly, and complete drying time (raw material is heated time) only ten seconds. 2. The adoption and streaming spray dry, dry process, the temperature drops is not high, the product quality is good. 3. Product has good dispersion, liquidity and solubility. 4. The production process is simple, the operation convenient control, after drying products do not need to smash and screening, reduce the production working procedure, to simplify the production process, improve product purity.